Table Notes 16: WTF D&D – The Kender

  Welcome back to another installment of WTF D&D, the segment where we take a look at the bizarre things that have been created for Dungeons & Dragons. Today we take a look at the Kender, the childlike race introduced in 1984, in the Dragonlance setting. Kender have the size and mental capacity of a[…]

Table Notes: The Anti-RPG, Human Occupied Landfill

There are many table-top games out there that are supposed to be more silly than anything—goofy games that are probably best as a one shot rather than a whole campaign. Often, they are poking fun at the classic table-top conventions rather than trying to write a well=defined balanced rule set. There is one game that[…]

Table Notes 8: Genres of Role-play

This week’s Table Notes will be fairly brief, but it’s leading up to something bigger that I want to talk about next time. We’ll be exploring how genre, setting, and systems intersect For right now let’s talk about genre and setting. Genre and Setting Variations One of the reasons role-playing is my favorite hobby is[…]

Table Notes: Tips on Character Development

After a lovely holiday break, it’s time we all got back into our favorite hobby—Tabletop Role-playing Games! (Both analyzing them here on Table Notes, and actually playing them.) I haven’t had a session in a while and it felt great to get started up again this past weekend! I hope everyone had a good holiday, now let’s get back into it, shall we? […]