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The next level of radio entertainment truly is here, and Geek Factor Radio is bringing it straight to your ears! The world has changed the face of radio entertainment. Podcasting has become a whole new culture by itself and top 40's stations slip in an occasional nerdtastic remix here and there. But what about a station,that streams 24/7 tunes that -you- enjoy and that your boss may not even realize that the classical music at your desk is from a Miyazaki film?

Our first pillar at GeekFactor Radio is providing great music to our community. Whether you want something for that epic gaming session we provide you incredible hits and content that appeals to you, the listener. So click that listen link up above and start jamming out while you get your game on!

Podcast Network

Our second pillar is our Podcast Network which will cover multiple topics in all areas of the geek lifestyle. Whether you’re into cosplay, gaming, anime, comics, or anything else you can think of covered. You can access us on the go whether on iTunes or Stitcher, so your ears are always enjoying great stuff!

News & Lifestyle

Our third pillar at GeekFactor is coverage on news and lifestyle updates in the geek community. Whether it is on our Facbook, Twitter, or website itself we have you covered on convention updates, movies, games, and more from our crack staff of writers. So bookmark us in your web browser and stay up to date!


Our fourth and most important pillar at GeekFactor Radio is our community. At the end of the day it’s our listeners, followers, and fans who make this possible. We want to make this the best station and media network possible for you all. So please send us any feedback you have, and let’s make this the best place for geeks by geeks!

A New Challenger Approaches

How the Geeks Came Together...
The Next Level of Radio for Geeks

GeekFactor Radio got its start first as a radio station based in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, Second Life. Eventually the geeks came up with the idea of moving this from the game to reality! It was something that was unheard of, and honestly has not been done correctly. Our humble band of geeks embarked upon an epic quest of establishing one of if not the first fully dedicated Geek centric online radio station. Armed with ideas, passion, and a pair of tight pants the group has made strides to create their vision, which is the next level of radio for geeks. We present... GEEKFACTOR RADIO!

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Meet The Geeks

The Geeks Who Started It All...
Chance Le Prey
Chance Le Prey
C.E.O & Owner
Bruce Levine
Bruce Levine
IT Director
Crystal Roberts
Crystal Roberts
Content Manager & Editor
Kyle Larsen
Kyle Larsen
Video Consultant

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