The Sleeper Stirs: Go Get this Gun!

Today, the hunt for the Sleeper Simulant has ended.

After a night’s study (no word yet on official requirements, or if it was just a daily thing) Banshee has discerned that the Core’s signal is pointing towards Rasputin’s bunker in the Grottos.

Directing yourself at earth, you’ll find a special 280 light recommended variant of the S.A.B.E.R. strike.

unnamed (7)

Beware, you’re in for a challenge! But fret not, guardians, as Bungie decided to allow this to be a community event; matchmaking will pair you up with other guardians eager to wake the fabled Sleeper.

unnamed (8)

After a very difficult fight defending the warsat (come prepared!) you’ll find yourself up against standard fare; the strike should be a breeze for those who have run it once or twice before. I was definitely a little overeager this time through, completing sections of the strike before my team could even catch up!

Awaiting you as usual is the pesky shank boss, S.A.B.E.R.-2, who comes equipped with his standard fare of tricks; three different damage dealing ‘stages’, electric traps around the arena, and a constant horde of replacement enemies to hunt you down.

unnamed (9)

As the S.A.B.E.R.-2 Shank goes down, you’ll find yourself rewarded for your efforts with a re-activated core. Delivering it to Banshee will yield Destiny’s most sought after exclusive, the item heralded as the new Gjallarhorn by some.

unnamed (11)

This thing is a monster, folks! Ricocheting up to 5 times once fully leveled up, this exotic is awarded at 290 light and shines no matter where you use it.

I know I was definitely having fun with it in the crucible, where I discovered that the ricochet effect can lead to some very interesting kills!

I encourage you to get out there and try it out for yourself! Who knows when Destiny will be bringing this quest or its pre-requisite back? Hope you’ve been following along so far, otherwise keep yourselves up to date with GeekFactor Radio and we’ll make sure to send out an update the next time the Sleeper is available!



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