DR #92: Inhumans vs X-Men

Dear Reader, Hey, Marvel? When I talked about how I didn’t want you replacing Mutants with Inhumans, that wasn’t meant to be a storyline suggestion. Yes It’s Inhumans vs. X-Men Again X-Men vs. Inhumans has wrapped up, to… some people’s satisfaction I have to assume? While the “legacy” Inhumans are going off to have some non-political[…]

DR #87: Wolverine As A Role Model?

Dear Reader, Wolverine is a good illustration of how misunderstanding what comic books ARE leaves you unable to predict them. He wasn’t supposed to be a hero; at first, he was invented as a Hulk antagonist. He wasn’t even supposed to be human—he was supposed to be a literal wolverine that somebody human’d up and[…]

DR #66: Bringing Back the X-Men?

Dear Reader, Marvel is apparently gearing up toward a big event and rebrand that’s going to bring the X-Men back to prominence in the comics continuity. The long attempt at making the Inhumans into ‘the new mutants except we still have all the film rights’ seems to be throwing in the towel. And it’s about time.[…]

DR #57: Mutants, Movies, Murder?

Dear Reader, Earlier this year I speculated about Inhumans, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how movie rights are affecting editorial decisions. I think I’ve seen enough evidence to come to a conclusion: Marvel is definitely working to phase out any concepts and characters they don’t have the film rights to. Before, we were looking at[…]