Kickstarter for Sci-Fi Anthology Ends Thursday

You know what our world needs? More future worlds!

Future House Publishing is back, and they’ve got a brand new sci-fi anthology coming out. Six of their sci-fi authors have written stories set in the worlds of their best-selling books! You’ve seen us post about some of these authors before; now you can be a part of their world-building efforts! Donate to the Kickstarter for the printing of this special project before 9 am on Thursday.


Introducing Our Newest Writer: Ian Coppock

We’re so excited to announce a new addition to our writing team! His name is Ian Coppock, and he currently runs a gaming blog called Art as Games. Art as Games is a blog where Ian reviews video games. It’s that simple! From 20-year old games to brand new releases, from puzzle to strategy, from[…]