Art as Games – Mafia II Review

The time for niceties is over. The reprieve from Lethe – Episode One is over. Everyone’s had their fill of comedy from South Park: The Stick of Truth, and serenity from Abzu. It’s time to descend back into what video games do best: visceral narratives, and an astonishing amount of violence. […]

Art as Games – The Walking Dead: Michonne Review

Typically, the review schedule on Art as Games comprises a review of a new game on Wednesday, and an older one on Sunday, but this month the schedule is different. With a few major releases set to hit shelves this fall, it’s time to take a look at a few series’ most recent installments, to give everyone a good idea of what games might be worth it or not. Sure, a new game doesn’t necessitate playing the one that came before it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden gems and interesting backstories to equip oneself with beforehand. The Walking Dead: Michonne is one such example. […]

Art as Games – Quadrilateral Cowboy Review

Between last week’s The Real Texas and this week’s Quadrilateral Cowboy, one could be forgiven for thinking that this blog is on a wild west kick. Art as Games makes no such claim to a sudden yearning for the cowboy days of yore, despite what the titles of recent reviews might imply. For as The Real Texas turned out to have little to do with the traditional notions of the Old West, neither does Quadrilateral Cowboy, a game that has much more to do with computers than six shooters or getting the rickets. […]

Art as Games – Psychonauts Review

The video game medium allows for some truly eccentric creations, ranging from something as novel as Super Mario 64, to something as horrific as that Crack-Life mod that was reviewed a few months ago. Though video games are rife with kooky characters and strange worlds, there is perhaps no game more quintessentially weird than Psychonauts, the proudest creation of the venerable Double Fine studio. […]

A Spoiler-Free Review of Star Trek Beyond

Admittedly, I entered the theater with low expectations. J.J. Abrams was too busy with Star Wars to inject his particular brand of charm into Star Trek Beyond, and especially with a winner like Star Trek Into Darkness in the past, how could it be anything other than a disappointment? Do any movies without Benedict Cumberbatch even work anymore? […]

Art as Games: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

In 2008, a video game called Mirror’s Edge was put out by DICE, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Mirror’s Edge featured something that video games hadn’t really covered in detail before: parkour and free-running. As a young runner named Faith, players were given the opportunity to take daring runs across a breathtaking, beautiful city. The gameplay wasn’t perfect, and the plot was weak, but Mirror’s Edge‘s novelty struck a chord with the gaming world. Finally, eight years later, that chord has resounded with the production of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, a game that, like its predecessor, seeks to let players run wild. […]