Art as Games – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Oorah! The battle of hyper-masculine, low-innovation shooters continues with Call of Duty stepping into the ring against Battlefield. Never before has the contrast between the two series been as stark it is in 2016; while Battlefield 1 takes shooters back to World War I, Call of Duty takes them into the future… where… Wait a minute. Hasn’t Call of Duty done this five times in a[…]

Art as Games – Battlefield 1

November has landed, and with it, the annual battle for supremacy between Battlefield and Call of Duty. Each year, or most every year, both franchises release their take on intense first-person gunplay, competing for the bigger slice of the venerable shooter pie. This year’s contest represents an especially dramatic divide, because while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare goes for the[…]

Art as Games – SiN Episodes: Emergence Review

In 1998, the video gaming world was on the brink of revolution. Half-Life was about to be released, and not even the developers at Valve could predict what an effect it would have on the genre. Even before its release, though, there were rivals waiting to prey on one of gaming’s most venerable titles—studios who were given one last chance to stop Valve from taking over the world. […]