DR #61: The One Area Where DC Dominates Marvel

Dear Reader, It’s the internet’s favorite month, Halloween, though some archaeologists argue that there is evidence for this month once having been called October. So I hope you want a whole month of this because that is what we are all getting.  I’ve been waiting for this month for a while, Reader, because it finally[…]

DR #59: DC’s State of Continuity Address

Dear Reader, So after that brief word from our sponsors—whatever websites you were looking at over the probably two days since the first half of this was published—we return to your regularly scheduled State of the Continuity Address. So where does DC stand? Their big event this year was Rebirth, which had the interesting and[…]

DR #52: The Best Comic DC Ever Made

Dear Reader,

Apparently this is the fifty-second letter I’ve written you. (I’d have thought that by now you would have written back. Whatever.) I think the fifty-second letter is the right place to talk about the best comic DC ever put out: […]

DR #44: Suicide Squads Suicide

Dear Reader,

Suicide Squad didn’t do so well, did it?

Which is actually really disappointing. I don’t mind telling you I had high hopes for this movie. From the trailers and premise I was hoping that this was going to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And after Dong of Justice, DC sorely needed a Guardians of the Galaxy. Something genuinely fun to turn their tone around and get them back on track. […]

DR #43: Dear DC, Let’s Talk The Killing Joke

Dear DC,

Why don’t you have a seat? We all came together because we have something important we feel that we need to say to you. We want you to know we aren’t accusing you of anything. We’re here because we care about you.

And we can’t sit back and watch you do this to yourself anymore. By yourself I mean your characters. […]