DR #73: My New Years Resolutions for DC Comics

Dear Reader,

The list of resolutions for DC is both longer and simpler than the one for Marvel.  DC, in my opinion, has more problems going on right now than Marvel does, but unlike with Marvel, I think all those problems are coming from the same place.


DR #63: It’s October. Let’s Talk About Werewolves.

Dear Reader, Last time I was a bit harsh to the Walking Dead. Don’t expect an apology for that. I did what needed to be done, because somebody has to take a stand against the overuse of zombies. When it’s possible to say the sentence “This movie is only the third-best comedic parody version of zombie[…]

DR #54: The Best Comic Book Deaths

Dear Reader, We are gathered here today to bid farewell to the discussion from the previous letter, of death in the time of superheroes. Let it be said by no man that this was a discussion left unfinished, or which focused solely on the woeful and the moronic. For while there is stupidity in Comic[…]