DR #92: Inhumans vs X-Men

Dear Reader, Hey, Marvel? When I talked about how I didn’t want you replacing Mutants with Inhumans, that wasn’t meant to be a storyline suggestion. Yes It’s Inhumans vs. X-Men Again X-Men vs. Inhumans has wrapped up, to… some people’s satisfaction I have to assume? While the “legacy” Inhumans are going off to have some non-political[…]

DR #68: Nice to Meet You, Spider-Man!

Dear Reader, Spider-Man is coming home. As of this writing, we got the official trailers last week. Since then eager eyes have been poring over them for confirmation that this newest version can in fact do whatever a spider can. Which isn’t really the question, I think. I’m sure they’re going to get the basics[…]

DR #33: How and Why Superhero Teams Work, Pt 2

Dear Reader,

So we’ve covered why teams are a thing and how they got that way. Now, you’re doubtless asking, “But Guy Writing This, setting up a superhero team is hard! Do you have sort of miracle product that would make it simple?”

Well, I’m glad you asked! […]