Speculation: Daredevil Season 2 Breakdown

Alright geeks, Daredevil season 2 comes out TOMORROW. Keep an eye out for details on our viewing party and accompanying contest.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give our speculation on what we THINK is going to happen throughout Daredevil Season 2. We’ll start with individual character plotlines, then some bigger arcs, and a couple Easter eggs we think we’ll see. That means that you should beware of potential spoilers, because we’re not sure what we’ll be right about!

(By the way, we know that IMDB casting does not reflect our speculations for the season, but I don’t trust IMDB. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but they could be manipulating that to avoid spoilers.)


They’re touting Punisher pretty hard as the villain for this season, and sure he’ll be playing that role for the first few episodes. However, as we discuss in our character breakdown of the Punisher, he’s not really a villain. There’s no way they can do 13 hours conflict between two guys who have the same targets, just different methods.

Punisher ProfileHowever, he will split the viewership right off the bat. Many people disagree with Matt Murdock’s persistence in avoiding murder. Some will agree with the Punisher in that “bad guys deserve to die, no matter what.” After a few episodes, their conflict will cease to be escalating and Matt will have bigger problems do deal with.

By the way, I don’t think Punisher will give a crap about Daredevil’s secret identity. His whole goal is to take out bad guys, and Daredevil just gets in the way sometimes—that’s his entire interest in our masked hero.

In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the following speech happen at some point: “You hide behind a mask. You’re somebody else. But it’s the you that’s in front of me that’s the problem, not the one who’s pushing paper somewhere else. This idiot in the red is a problem for me.”


While it’s all still speculation that Bullseye is even IN this season, we’re pretty confident that we’ll see him. Why? Because they Bullseye Pic 3Easter egg-ed him in Season 1, as we mentioned before, and he has a pretty important relationship with other people in the season (as we’ll discuss later). Also, as mentioned, Daredevil and Punisher are not directly enemies. There has to be a bigger threat to unite them, and who better than Bullseye?

From a character perspective, though, why would he be there?

Well, he’s Kingpin’s #1 assassin. Kingpin, while in prison, is not out of the picture. He’s still got a network working for him, including an angry fiancée who will not see her main squeeze go unavenged. Either Wilson Fiskone of them could put a hit out on the man in the mask no problem.

My money is on Vanessa being the one who hires him. Why? Because Wilson Fisk is all business; if HE commissioned the hit, Matt Murdock would die right away. Bullseye is the most effective hitman you’ve ever seen, if that’s all you want him to do. The only way he wouldn’t kill him right away is if the job was to destroy him the real way, like by taking out his friends. That’s right up Bullseye’s alley (being kind of a sadist), and that’s a command that would come from Vanessa, not Wilson.


The other obvious reasons to have Bullseye present is because, in the comics, he’s responsible for the deaths of both Elektra (more on that later) and Karen Page.

I think Karen is going to be in even more danger this season than in season 1. She’s perpetually getting herself in trouble, but being a part of Matt’s inner circle is going to make that worse. If Bullseye finds out Daredevil’s true identity, it’ll be even easier for him to track her down than it was for Wesley. I don’t think she’ll die, but we’ll at least see her in mortal danger, probably from Bullseye.



Remember how angry Stick got at Matt for having personal connections and a life? And how he ran back to Stone and expressed confusion as to how to deal with Matt? It’s not hard to imagine that they would then send Elektra to start severing some of those connections in Matt’s life—starting with Foggy.Elektra Pic 2

In the comics, she doesn’t succeed; at the last minute, Foggy recognizes her as Matt’s ex, and things go a little sideways. Nevertheless, she’s going to introduce some tension and confusion in Matt’s world.

There’s obviously going to be some kind of love triangle (I mean, for heaven’s sake, we see him making out with her in the boxing ring and touching Karen’s skin tenderly in the same trailer, so we know that’s going to happen). Elektra is going to get Matt’s feelings all confused, which will draw him away from Foggy and Karen, which will in turn probably get them in more trouble, even if Elektra doesn’t try to kill them directly.

 Matt and Karen’s Relationship

Come on, we all want to see them get together. I wanted them to get together in the first season, but I’m kind of glad that it’s taking so long (I’m a sucker for romantic tension buildup).

Plus, with the way they were building Karen’s relationship to Foggy, I was a little worried. Foggy was in love with her, but not in any deep way, I think. And Karen was clearly hesitant to call anything romantic between them, because she obviously has a Matt and Karen Season 2crush on Mr. Matt Murdock. I knew that they couldn’t get together in the first season with Foggy still there, but maybe now that he might get back together with the once-soulless Marci, the door is open for our main two lovebirds.

Although in the trailer it does kind of sound like Karen knows Matt’s secret (when she says “we” in regards to not knowing the consequences of the Daredevil’s actions), I don’t think she’ll learn until the very end, or at the earliest around episode 8, like Foggy in season 1. She’s certainly no damsel in distress, but I can’t help but think that it will be like a Mary-Jane-Spiderman-2 entanglement, maybe at the hands of Bullseye.


If Elektra does die at the hand of Bullseye (calm down, she gets resurrected in the comics), that would be a perfect catalyst for these two getting together. Just saying!


 Iron Fist Pic 2Easter Eggs

Firstly, we’re going to learn more about the organization behind Stick, purely because they’ll be sending Elektra to Hell’s Kitchen.

Next, in terms of creating more of a connection to Iron Fist, we’re probably going to see a little magic this season. Just a little, though. Thus far the series has been heavily grounded in reality, and if Marvel wants to get its viewers starting to be okay with magic stuff, I bet we’ll see a little East Asian magic making its way into the show. Madam Gao was the most supernatural being in the first season, but we saw very little about her. And with Hell’s Kitchen overflowing with what looks like the Yakuza, I’m sure there will be ample opportunities for the Iron Fist wheel to start turning. But again, this is all just speculation.

And finally, Marvel needs to start building their Defenders team, so it’s not entirely unlikely that we’ll see an interaction between Matt Murdock and, say, Luke Cage.

It doesn’t have to be a conversation like “You’re a superhero? I’m a superhero! We should hang out! Give me your number, let’s have a sleepover!”

Luke runs a bar. There are any number of ways he could get entangled. Daredevil could get involved in a fight in the bar and Luke CageLuke could (physically) throw them out. Matt Murdock could wander into a bar in a drunken stupor after the death of someone close to him (cough cough) and get some advice from his wise local bartender. I can see the conversation now: Matt says, “You don’t know the things I’ve done” and Luke Cage is like, “Oh, you have no idea.”

WHATEVER happens, it’s not going to be just a walk past each other; there will be a definitive moment of noticing. They need to create a tie, not a random cameo. At the very least, Matt will NOTICE something about him. Matt can sense things. Could he sense his strength/invulnerability? Maybe Luke will drop a glass somehow and Matt will notice that he doesn’t get cut.

Keep in mind that Daredevil is the Iron Man of the Defenders team. He’s the first one they introduced, which means he’s the centerpiece of the team. All of the other tie-ins will revolve around him, just like when they started introducing Black Widow and other team members in Iron Man 2.

 Episode Breakdown

So here’s how we think it will look:

Episode 1-3 will focus on the Punisher.

Episode 4-6 will see Elektra layered on top of that, and we’ll start to get hints (MERE HINTS) to Bullseye’s presence.

About halfway through the season, I’d guess that we’ll see Bullseye make a huge splash. It should have at least the impact on the series as did Kingpin’s sudden press conference in Episode 8.

If all of our speculation comes true, then aside from Punisher, all of the demons in Hell’s Kitchen will be Matt Murdock’s own. It’s shaping up to be a terrifying and wonderful season. Watch it along with us tomorrow night, starting at 8 pm!


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