Released TODAY: Parrish is “Un-put-downable”


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Sadie Smith and her team of ghost hunters are at the centerpiece of Parrish, a supernatural romance mystery novel by Shannen Crane Camp (yes, that name should sound familiar: we posted about her book PWNED not too long ago).

It’s Scooby Doo, but with no Old Man Jenkins in the ghost costume and a whole lot more romance in the air! Released today by Future House Publishing, Parrish follows Sadie, her best friend Brighton, and their teammates Deacon and Jefferson Parrish as they try to solve a 100-year old mystery for an anonymous client.

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“Parrish is un-put-downable. I could not stop reading it. Great quirky mystery with just the right amount of romance. I can’t wait for the next one in the series!” Lisa R. Harris, author of The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume.

“Parrish is the perfect blend of mystery, romance, and wit. Camp pulls you in with a-dork-able characters, spooky settings, and laugh-out-loud dialogue. This book should come with a warning: Beware, you won’t be able to put it down!” Heather Ostler Pead, author of The Shapeshifter’s Secret Series.


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