Pwned Book is Felicia Day Meets ‘Mean Girls'”

You know what it was like to be a geek in high school, but what about a geek under cover? PWNED by Shannen Crane Camp is a great snapshot into that all-too-familiar world of drama, hormones, and secret identities. It’s a geeky love story that will, as always, leave you wanting to punch a popular girl in the face.Pwned

Reagan West is a gorgeous and popular cheerleader with a nerdy little secret: she’s a closet gamer. By day she puts on a mean-girl-glare; by night she conducts raids on Voyager’s Quest, her favorite MMORPG. Her best friend Tawny and her jock boyfriend have no idea, and Reagan’s life is sweet.

Then a member of her guild moves into town and threatens to reveal her secret. Parker Pryce is her best friend in the gaming world, but he’s become Tawny’s next target. Reagan is no stranger to Tawny’s brutal bullying tactics, but she knows that standing up to Parker could destroy her social reputation. Should Reagan keep quiet to preserve her own status? Or should she embrace her inner geek and save Parker from social humiliation?

PWNED has everything. MMORPG’s, raids, teenage angst, secret identities, and sweet, sweet revenge for everyone who was ever picked on for being a geek. There’s even the most epic boss fight any high school has ever seen.

You can find the e-book on Amazon and you can join their Beta Reader’s Club here. (Also follow Shannen Crane Camp on Twitter at @ShannenCbooks and check out her website.)

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