On the Importance of Love Stories

Welcome to February, my fine geeks!


Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks. (Collective groan) Yes, yes, I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite holiday—even if you HAVE a significant other. All the flowers, chocolates, and roses just seem to cheapen the idea of love, to degrade it into something you can take for granted.

I was always bothered by the idea of Valentine’s Day. Sure it was great to get candy and little cheesy cards in school that say “Be Mine” and “You’re My Sweetheart” (especially from that one boy or girl in fourth grade you were sure was going to be your true love forever), but I was pestered by the idea that maybe some people think Valentine’s Day is the only day you have to show love to whoever you’re with.

untitled (3)Love is not something you reaffirm once a year and then take for granted. You wouldn’t only put gas and oil in your car once a year, give it one car wash, and assume that it’ll run all year round. It requires constant care and nurturing, regular check-ups and a good modicum of your attention.

This is why I’m glad to live in the golden age of geekdom—our culture is bursting with narratives, not just of bravery and brilliance, but of true, deep, world-changing love. These stories remind us to be present in our lives and to never take those we love for granted. They teach us that love is painful, terrifying, and beautiful.


Most of all, they teach us that it’s WORTH IT.

After you’ve gotten your heart ripped out a couple dozen times and spent too much time in the castoff section, it’s easy to give up on the idea of love. It’s even easier to settle for a person that you don’t really love, because you’ve lost faith that what you’re looking for is out there. It’s even easier than that to stop being your best self—to develop detrimental habits, to become bitter and skeptical, and to stop growing and learning, because you give up faith.

Call me cheesy, but I think that it’s always worth it to have faith in love. It’s painful, and it sucks, and being rejected makes it feel like the world is laughing at you; but without love, what is a life but a series of empty events? Occasional bitterness is inevitable—but we can’t allow it to take permanent residence in our hearts!


That’s why, here at GeekFactor, we’ve decided to do something special for the month of February: we’re going to celebrate all of the best love stories in greater geekdom. These are the stories that you think of when you dream of great love, often punctuated by the best soundtracks film composers have to offer.

(Keep an eye out for an article about why even unrequited love, terrible as it is, is worth it.)

I invite you to join us for a daily highlight of the best love stories known to nerdkind, and comment to tell us YOUR favorite love stories in geek culture.

Happy February!


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