Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone pt. 2

Welcome, welcome, welcome to part 2 of my discussion of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex! If you’re a new reader, fantastic! But I would recommend reading at least part 1 before this article, as I’m going to pick up right where I left off. Happy reading – spoilers ahead. The Laughing Man: originator[…]

DR #88: Comic Books as Marketing Ploys

Dear Reader, I used to have a rule. See, the thing about comics is that in addition to being a narrative format, they’re also a business. Their characters are owned by companies, companies that have marketing departments and legal teams and conference rooms and some guy who never refills the coffee pot in the breakroom[…]

DR #87: Wolverine As A Role Model?

Dear Reader, Wolverine is a good illustration of how misunderstanding what comic books ARE leaves you unable to predict them. He wasn’t supposed to be a hero; at first, he was invented as a Hulk antagonist. He wasn’t even supposed to be human—he was supposed to be a literal wolverine that somebody human’d up and[…]