A Look at Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle

This month the game Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle has popped up on PSN Plus monthly free games, and I have been absolutely elated to re-play this classic. Originally released in 1993, the game has had been remastered and came out on March 22, 2016. With Disney now in charge of LucasArts, several of[…]

DR# 77: Self-Loathing and the Heart of Geekdom

Dear Reader, Ok, you know Woden? From The Wicked and The Divine? You all went out and read it after seeing me talk about it, right? Well, he’s gonna be our rhetorical starting point. Spoiler warning. Also uncharacteristically serious tone warning. I couldn’t find a picture of any superhero or villain who went by ‘uncharacteristically[…]

Table Notes: Tips on Character Development

After a lovely holiday break, it’s time we all got back into our favorite hobby—Tabletop Role-playing Games! (Both analyzing them here on Table Notes, and actually playing them.) I haven’t had a session in a while and it felt great to get started up again this past weekend! I hope everyone had a good holiday, now let’s get back into it, shall we? […]