Table Notes 8: Genres of Role-play

This week’s Table Notes will be fairly brief, but it’s leading up to something bigger that I want to talk about next time. We’ll be exploring how genre, setting, and systems intersect For right now let’s talk about genre and setting. Genre and Setting Variations One of the reasons role-playing is my favorite hobby is[…]

DR #82: Snagglepuss Comic Remake – Shocking in Multiple Ways

Dear Reader, Well, I did say that I wanted a chance to talk about the Hanna Barbara reworks that DC has been publishing. It’s been announced that the latest Hanna-Barbera property to get the reboot treatment is Snagglepuss. So, as with Scooby Doo being post apocalyptic, Flintstones being social satire, etc., Snagglepuss is going to be[…]