Indie Game Highlights at Salt Lake Gaming Con

This weekend was Salt Lake Gaming Con, and GeekFactor-Radio had a blast. If it’s nerdy, we have our nose in it!

DSC03065Gaming con is a wonderful experience, if you’ve never been. It’s great to see the whole community get organized and come together to develop new contacts and enrich their skills, gamers and developers alike!

The Utah Games Guild had a strong presence at this year’s event, highlighting a few indie games made by new developers that have the potential to become big names in the gaming landscape. These developers were in attendance for the whole smorgasbord of entertaining moments their games created.

There were a TON of awesome games to check out, but here are the ones we enjoyed the most:

Neon Core

My personal favorite was Neon Core, which was developed by Andrew Willeitner. With a total of 100 randomly selected obstacles, this one-button arcade distraction is best played in short bursts, a customizable neon adventure that has you dodging left and right to avoid deadly traps and the walls, both of which will kill you. Making it from one edge to another earns you a point; the highest score at the con was 28 (last we checked), and the highest overall score was 78.

I personally have not been able to stop attempting a high score on this game. It’s free to download on iOS and Android devices. Check it out, or visit him here.

Legacy of the Elder Star

Kickbomb Studios has created a GLORIOUS side scroller shmup (shoot em up) for the hardcore gamer inside each of us, and it’ll be available on Steam as early as June 7th!

This one plays smooth, is wicked fast, and constantly had me guessing. Bullet patterns were interesting yet still challenging, and all the weapons felt great! Definitely worth an in depth look at their website.

We Need to go Deeper

We Need to go Deeper is no stranger to the con scene at this point, having been in development for some time. This latest build adds some promising new features since the last time I had a chance to interact with the game, and it was a total blast watching strangers try to cooperate and explore the murky depths.

When else are you and three of your friends going to be able to pilot a sub against eldritch horrors and the mysteries of the deep? Find more info at their website here.


Momentum was definitely the most visually engaging game being demo’d. Players took control of a ball (sometimes a ball of fire, sometimes a basketball, sometimes a hamster ball) which then has to navigate its way through a stunningly beautiful variety of mazes, labyrinths, looping tracks, and rapidly shifting courses.

Addicting to play and addicting to watch—it’s enough to give a guy vertigo, but Chance loved this one! Click here to support them on Kickstarter.


(No video for this one, sorry guys!)

Alkanaur was a turn based tactical strategy games along the lines of Xcom with Final Fantasy tactics, with an aesthetic that you’d be hard-pressed not to find pleasing. In-depth combat, multiple enemy types, different terrains, and a variety of other enticing features add up to an all-around awesome package that I can’t wait to get my hands on, come release day! Check out more details here.

Aurora Redemptus

Aurora Redemptus is another tactics game but with the benefit that time only moves when you’re ready for it. Spaceships duke it out in multiplayer or skirmish battles; in this game, forward thinking and careful planning lead the charge to victory against foes that are truly out of this world. With a custom ship editor, I know I’ll have my eyes on this title once it’s released—unless I’m tempted to pick it up sooner at the humble bundle store!

Find more details on this game here.


Crashnauts is a local multiplayer along the lines of Castle Crashers or Super Smash Bros, but with guns and a variety of game modes. Four characters with customizable body parts duke it out with an array of weapons, both ranged and melee, in a vicious struggle for domination that we had trouble stepping away from. Fluid combat and excellent aesthetics made this one an unforgettable entry.

Did I mention that when you respawn, your pod literally crashes into the arena, flattening anyone in your way?

We at the Office are going to have to invest in a copy of Crashnauts to help settle inter-office disputes and the like. We know you’ll love it too, so head on over to their website and pick yourself up a copy on Steam!


Last, but not least (and new this time around), we have Ethos in the melee arena, a visceral combat simulator along the lines of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. The combat was fluid and executions were a blast to pull off. I’ve got my eye on this title for sure—we’re always up for a challenge here at GeekFactor! Check out their website for more details.

Hope you enjoyed Salt Lake Gaming Con! Thanks for tuning in, and stay geeky!