Indie Game Highlight: Viriax

We’re all now freshly living in 2016, but some of us (myself included) are still dealing with last year’s illnesses!

A stubborn little rascal with no sense of time, a virus is single minded and determined; it has one job to do and nothing else gets doing until it’s done! It’s almost admirable, in a way, as the New Year dawns on us and we come to make new decisions, start new projects, and wrap up old ones.

Viriax is one such project, developed by the fiendish Locamolito in 2011.

Viriax is more than a game—it IS a virus! It will grow and rampage until it tears its host (you) apart from the inside out!

Incubated over the period of 3 months and inspired by an illness the author had himself and movies like Inner Space, this calamitous contagion is all too dangerous. The deadliness of this virus is the ease of its distribution; it is in fact available for FREE via the developer’s website (along with all of his other AWESOME titles). You can catch it at any time!

Okay but really, this game is very cool. You play as the virus, and your goal is to overcome the body’s natural defenses as well as those implanted by doctors.

You jump and boost your way to the organ core at the top of each area, attacking the body’s other cells on your way. You are highly adaptable, able to heal yourself by absorbing red blood cells. The game also allows you to mutate when you come into contact with certain objects (over 20 different in-game items).

You slowly infect the body over 6 stages and 6 organs. In later stages, you have to fight off nanotechnology that was developed SPECIFICALLY to fight you off.

Viriax is an amazing and colorful journey through the human immune system, not to mention a lesson on determination, the inevitability of disease, the futility of human resistance, and the horrifying incompetence of modern medicine…

But it’s okay because it’s fun! And pretty!! And FREE!!!

Go take a look today! Catch the fever!

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