How to Be the MVP in Your MMORPG

Everyone wants to be the MVP of their party when they play a multiplayer game. In MMORPG’s each party often has four or more people, but everyone obviously wants to be the most important person in the group. How do you become that player everyone wants to group with again?

Simple. You be a good teammate. We’re talking more than just being friendly and social here. We’re talking about the more important part, if only for progressing through a game with minimal frustration. We’re talking about doing the job your character was made for.

In a party, everyone has a role to play, most often between the main roles of Damage (often referred to as DPS), Tanking (defending the party), and Healing (I hope I don’t have to explain this one!). Your character fills one of these roles, and you as the player do the best you can to make sure your character performs well!

Here are a few common complaints you hear:

  • “That DPS wouldn’t stop attacking the wrong thing and we died!”
  • “That healer wanted to hurt things when I needed to be healed!”
  • “That tank wasn’t doing a good job protecting us!”

These complaints often happen either because people don’t understand their characters properly, or because they just don’t care for some reason and can’t be bothered to fulfill their main function.

But not you! You want to be the MVP. You want to be recognized and praised for playing whatever role you play really well. Hey, we can’t blame you.

If you don’t understand your character yet because you’re new or because the character’s class is extra complicated, do a little research. You can always read online about how to play your character better.

Alternatively, something else that might be even more helpful is finding a mentor in-game who can show you the ropes. If you want people to be impressed by your skills, a little assistance and a lot of practice can go a really long way!

MMO’s are made to take a long time to play and master. They’re meant to be played for months or longer, rather than hours or weeks like other games. Anyone who pays any attention in your MMO will recognize someone who puts in effort and doesn’t just phone it in for an easy win. You might not get the recognition you deserve right away or every time, but people appreciate getting to play with a talented player.


Don’t be this guy.

You take that high road. You learn to play your character as best you can. You put in the practice, you become an expert. Before you know it, people will love playing with you and your hard-earned skills (or hate playing against you if competition is more your thing. Yes, this advice works doubly well for player vs. player content). You can be the most valuable member of your team, and all it takes is a bit of dedication! Some solutions are simpler than you’d think.


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