Gender-Swapped, Geeky Austen: That Girl, Darcy

One more for your February bookshelf: That Girl, Darcy by James Ramos is Pride and Prejudice all over again, but in high school… with light sabers.

Okay, kind of.

That Girl DarcyElliott and Jake find their worlds shaken when Bridget and Darcy move into the neighborhood. Jake falls for Bridget immediately, but Elliott is baffled by this Darcy girl. How can she not know anything about Star Wars? Why is she so rude for no reason? With all the twists and turns of your classic high school love story, Elliott tries to ignore Darcy and finds himself more and more drawn to her.

It’s true that it might be a tad predictable if you’ve seen (or read, or HEARD OF) Pride and Prejudice; I, for one, love seeing the new adaptations authors make on classic characters (like, for instance, those with zombies). Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett find new life in Darcy and Elliott, and our readers may find that they relate to the story in new ways.

The book, e-book, and audiobook are available on Amazon here. If you want to be the first to read new books from Future House Publishing, click here.

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