First American Streamer In King’s Fall Secret Room


Early in the AM on October 3rd, a new secret room was discovered in the King’s Fall Raid. You know that door you’ve seen after Golgoroth, the unreachable one? And the spikes that change colors and glow for seemingly no reason?

After spending 3 hours trying to gain access to the room, Krystal Sfreddo and her fireteam (team name Shield Bros) were the first American streamers to get into the room. She proceeded to host 24 MORE HOURS of content for her streaming audience.

This is our exclusive interview with Krystal about it—keep an eye out for our interviews with the rest of her team, coming out later this week!

D: Why do you play Destiny? What do you like about this game?

K: I originally picked up Destiny because it was a mix of my two favorite gaming genres: Shooter and MMO.

I love the mechanics and that there is something for everyone. So many games can have great ideas, a fantastic storyline and look amazing, but if they’re only for a really niche community, it won’t go that far. I love MMO’s, but I personally hate playing MMOs with a small player base. Destiny manages to do something for people who like small team storyline, people who like PvP competitively AND casually, people who love end game content, and so many other things.untitled (2)

D: What is your favorite class, loadout, and mission?

K: I main Warlock. Before 2.0, I felt it was the most diverse of the classes as far being able to sometimes play aggressively and other times just having that self-revive there to save your team from wiping. I also really love grenades and Sunsinger has some of the best! But man, I hate that warlock jump…

I always really liked the Black Garden . It’s been my favorite daily for so long, and I can’t quite place why. I think it may be because it’s got an interesting mechanic that’s a bit more complex than the other dailies but it’s just a smidge easier than a strike’s mechanics. Doable solo but still a challenge if you’ve never done it before.

D: PVE or PVP?

K: I prefer PvE, but I have for every game. Destiny is probably my favorite game for PvP, however. As much as I complain about how everyone else’s super is ALWAYS soooo much better than mine, Bungie usually does a fantastic job of trying to balance things out. I don’t think I’ve ever played PvP in Destiny and thought “Man, I wish this game’s PvP was more like (some other game).”

Also, Eris is bae. So any mission with Eris in it is top tier. Mmmm, those eyes.

D: What’s your favorite raid?

K: My favorite raid before The Taken King was Crota’s End. Man, I hated Vault of Glass. I wasn’t around when it was released, which is probably part of the reason so many people love it. I also had an awful first two runs where no one explained what was happening and I just kinda ran in circles when I got teleported. Memories of something in a game are so powerful to gamers.

D: How are you liking 2.0? Likes, dislikes, major complaints or comments?

K: Bungie, y u nerf my hand cannons?! No, but for real, I love 2.0. I’ve always thought Bungie listened decently well to their players but patch 2.0 showed not only are they listening, they’re willing to take action. I think some things need a few tweaks here and there but there is not a single game out there that’s 100% balanced. There will always be a meta, there will be things that are stronger than others.

With that being said, I never thought I would be complaining about Titans being OP… But here we are!

D: What were you doing when you heard about this new secret? What led you to decide to try and explore it?

K: I’m on Reddit basically 24/7. I had been looking to put a group together to actually try to figure out the sequence for the crystals when all of a sudden a group had done it. I immediately went all Veronica Mars and found their raid instance, the player names, etc. I found all their Twitch handles and added them on PSN. A few of them were willing to add me but wouldn’t allow me in the raid. They were still unsure of how it worked, but I don’t think they wanted to admit that. I was actually the person that let them know that their stream wasn’t actually displaying on Twitch. After they got my message they fixed it. At first it was only me and a handful of other people watching and then it exploded. I decided to recruit some viewers to make our own group and thus our PUG was made.

It’s crazy now to think that our group of people who didn’t know one another, just kinda united by all wanting to get in the room, not even first or whatever… It’s crazy that we managed to joke around and have fun while still getting stuff done. All the other groups had their go-to raid members try it. It was just me and 5 people whose names I didn’t know and somehow we got it to work thanks to awesome teamwork.

D: Can you describe what you did to open the door? What kinds of things did you try to get the door open? Any specific thoughts or memories about the spike sequence segment of this secret?

K: We knew it was the crystals. We tried the really obvious things first like 1-6. But obviously other people had done that. Then we tried zig-zags, we tried everyone standing for a few seconds with it active. We tried spelling out BUNGIE. Every pattern we tried had some logic behind it. We knew it wouldn’t be a random combination and it wasn’t. When Tyrone saw the piston moving everyone was unsure at first. Was that moving before? We didn’t think so, but why would a piston start moving? That doesn’t help… Except it did. At that point, Tyrone basically had the method of using the pistons to launch yourself without dying thing down. We got in the room within the first 5 tries.

D: What were you thinking when you finally got into the room? What was it like being the FIRST AMERICAN TEAM broadcasting the inside of the room?

K: Man, it was crazy! I didn’t even realize we were the first American team at first. We were all just so stoked we figured it out. Then all of a sudden my tiny little stream jumped up from around 10 viewers to thousands. People were coming in freaking out. Apparently well-known streamers still hadn’t gotten in. I was so shocked when we got in that I couldn’t even remember the code we used at first. But I knew we had said every code we tried aloud before trying, and I knew that it unlocked when the piston moved. A lot of people wanted me to end my stream so people could see our pattern. Some of my friends thought I shouldn’t risk losing my viewers but I didn’t think that was fair.

I’m so glad we were one of the first few if not for anything other than the fact that we were willing to help people. I would have been pretty bummed if I was on the opposite side and another group got in but wouldn’t tell us how. I’m glad that wasn’t us.

D: What sort of things did you try while you were in there? What didn’t you try? Was there anything suggested that was just TOO crazy?

K: We tried everything. Obviously not everything, because then it would’ve worked if we had. But it felt like everything. We tried sequences, so many sequences. We tried one person doing the sequence, we tried every member doing one in the sequence, we tried figuring out if only person could use one platform. We tried making sure every single member stayed in the air during overcharged and that no one hit the floor while dunking the relic. We tried making sure no one died during most of the things just to remove one more possible variable. We even tried killing ourselves during overcharge.unnamed (3)

At one point we thought we were making progress and then it turned out to be a fluke. A mistake, or really not much of anything. The only thing that seemed important that we still had problems with was the thrusters/vents turning off. #VENTSARESOMETHING

It’s crazy that I’m still so unsure of what our actual goal is. So many people, thousands even, watching our group and others and still no one has figured it out.

D: When did you decide to stay up 24 hours to explore the room? After the initial 3 to unlock the door, you ended up doing a whole day’s worth of streaming! Was it worth it? What did you take away from this experience?

K: Honestly, the 24 hour thing was never a set goal in my mind. I just kept thinking “Man, we’ve been in here x hours, we gotta find something soon!” And then some of the bigger streamers started getting off and it started dwindling down and I wanted to stay on because I wanted there to be an outlet for ideas. Once we hit 24 hours though, 27 hours overall, I was so mentally exhausted. I knew Tritton and I needed a break since we were the only two people who hadn’t had a nap or longer than 5 minutes away.

D: We saw a LOT of team-swapping. Was the group mostly the same throughout? Would you say there was a constant influx of new ideas, or were we  mostly idling?

K: There WAS a lot of team-swapping. I think one of the things that enabled us to last as long as we did was having 10 or so people to switch between. It was kinda fun. At one point we used RNG to pick a random viewer to join us in game. He ended up being SUPER helpful and will probably be a friend I play with a lot now. It was cool, really nice getting so comfortable with each other with that many hours between us.

In the first few hours the ideas were constantly new. There was so much to try! Then after about 4-5 hours, we were just drained of ideas. We were kinda just messing around waiting for something. We invited some people into our parties and had some crazy jokes going on in chat, especially thanks to my first ever mod getting everyone constantly hyped. Then all of a sudden we noticed one of our thrusters turned off. The energy difference was insane! People were thinking about calling it quits and now there was something! We didn’t know what, but it was something.

After that it was constantly trying to recreate things.

D: Do you have a theory so far about why this room is driving us all crazy? Observations or questions, for readers and/or Bungie?

K: My theory, even though I know you hate it, is that if you turn the thrusters off and then overcharge the room, that last thruster is going to get all of the overcharge. Maybe dunking it one more time from that thruster will make that rock explode. Maybe having  that extra thrust will make the relic able to hit the ceiling. I don’t really know quite yet, but I think we’re on to something.

D: Anything you want to say to the community?

K: Honestly, I turned my stream on so it could be documented if we did something great. And we did. But part of the reason we got so far is because of the community. I love the Destiny community. So much. Keep it awesome. You guys are the Juan and only.


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