Final Fantasy XV–4 Changes to Watch For


Just about every main series Final Fantasy game gets a ton of hype. It’s one of the top names in Japanese Role Playing Games, and fans love a new story in a familiar world (cough cough Star Wars, anyone?).

That said, Final Fantasy XV looks like it’s going to change a lot about what we’ve come to expect from the series. A lot of people will really like these changes… but will all of them be for the better? (Click here for our thoughts on the FF7 remake.)

Here are some things to watch for in Final Fantasy XV:

1. Real Time Combat – Final Fantasy XIII looked like it would be real time combat, but in reality it was simply a more streamlined turn-based combat that people either loved or hated.

This time around, things are going to be a little more like Kingdom Hearts – you control the protagonist in action-oriented combat, with different attacks and combos based on context and which button you’re pressing.

2. A More Open World – Final Fantasy XIII was called out by a lot of critics for being an eighty hour movie with the occasional hallway to walk down and fight enemies. The storyline was pretty rigid, without a lot of room for variation. If the demo is anything to go by, Final Fantasy XV will open up a bit. Finally, players will have more control over where they go and what they do as they follow the story! Just how open will the final game be? Time will tell.

3. A Road Trip With the Guys! – The main characters get a car to travel the world in! It’s pretty cool, though the older Final Fantasies also had things like airships, so getting to control a car might excite people who have forgotten this fact, but it’s probably not the most interesting thing. It’s highly likely that if there is a world map of some sort like the old games, the car might just get traded in for an airship or other means of travel.

What’s more interesting is that most, if not all, of the main party appears to be male. Japanese media commonly has anime or games that are all women, but a story that explores male friendships is more rare. Will the game capitalize on this unique dynamic? If so, it might be pretty interesting to see.

4. A Darker Story (Probably) – The development team hinted (back when the game was Final Fantasy Versus 13) that the game would likely be darker than previous Final Fantasy games, due to greater exploration of character motivations. Final Fantasy XV is the evolution of this canceled game, and while the demo shows off a brighter looking world, even some of the lighter Final Fantasy games have gotten darker as the game progressed. If you like a good dark story, this might just be the RPG for you!

Will most of these changes be for the better? Or do they risk alienating some of their fan base? Comment below with your thoughts!

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