Final Fantasy VII Remake: 4 Reasons to be Excited

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, anywhere where it’s hard to get internet. We don’t judge!), you probably know that Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake in the near future—something fans have been clamoring for since time immemorial.

There are, of course, people who believe it’s a waste of time and money to redo what might be the most iconic game in the franchise, but I think there are several good reasons to look forward to Square Enix’s remake.

1. It’s a gift to longtime fans – Square Enix could probably sell copies of the original Final Fantasy VII to its fan base until the end of time, considering the retroactive hype behind the game. These same fans, however, expressed an interest in purchasing a new, updated version to enjoy once more, and Square Enix listened. Who doesn’t like a company who can listen to its potential buyers?

2. It’s a chance to get new fans onboard – A lot of the younger potential fans are put off by older graphics. Final Fantasy VII might look alright in combat, but you have to admit that on newer screens it looks a little dated. The characters’ features just look awkward, and the inconsistency between the pre-rendered battle scenes and the regular ones can be off-putting as well. This remake could finally show a lot of people why the original was so popular, without the bias towards today’s vastly superior graphics getting in the way!

3. It’s more Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy fans have been wanting something closer to the classic formula for a long time. Final Fantasy XIII has a lot of fans, but those who enjoyed the classics (the era of the first Playstation and before) want a chance to play a Final Fantasy game like the ones they remember from their childhood. A remake, especially one with potential improvements to the story or mechanics, is the perfect opportunity for old AND new fans to enjoy a truly classic turn-based roleplaying game.

4. It could influence future Final Fantasy installments – Companies are driven by profits; it’s what keeps them in business making the things their fans enjoy. When something is popular, they’ll do their best to capitalize on it later. This is why all remakes happen, including this one—however, if it sells enough copies, we may start seeing remakes of other older Final Fantasy games, or at least a return to the more iconic gameplay which a lot of longtime fans miss.

So there are my four reasons to look forward to the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Comment below to tell us what you think. Are you excited, or do you dislike the idea of their redoing a classic game? Is this evidence of them listening to their fan base, or should they have put these resources into new original Final Fantasy games?

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