Earning the Gil: Money-Making Tips for FFXIV

Gil is the popular mode of currency in Final Fantasy 14, and if you’re anything like I was when I started, you want to make as much of it as possible–as QUICKLY as possible!

Maybe you just like having a lot of money, or maybe you like to be able to buy anything that catches your fancy when you look on the market board (some of those items are pretty expensive).


So how do you earn a lot of Gil?

The simplest lesson to learn in this game or any game like it is that it functions like real world economics—you’ve got to understand supply and demand. As any high school economics teacher will tell you, if you can supply something that almost no one else is making, you get to name the price. If there’s an item that almost no one is selling on the market board, you can be the one to sell it—and for a lot more than you’d normally expect.

You’ve got to set yourself apart somehow: either practice crafting those rare, high-level arms and armor, or put the time and effort into gathering the higher tier materials that others won’t go out of their way to get.

Most people I’ve talked to agree that these are the absolute best ways to make Gil in-game. Both take a decent amount of time—but once you get to the point where you’re providing goods others can’t easily provide, you can sell things for millions of Gil. I’ve seen simple items that are only good as armor skins sold for as much as fifteen million Gil!

There are other, slower ways to earn cash as well, for those who don’t want to mess with such things. Using the duty finder and playing as a class that is listed as the needed class can net you some extra Gil. Spirit-bonding items and breaking them down for material to sell can be decent too, though it won’t bring as much turnaround as it did at the game’s launch.

Remember! Try to avoid spending money while trying to make it (unless you already know how you’ll make a profit because of what you spent). If you don’t really need it, don’t spend more than is necessary to get it. Look into the methods that intrigue you the most. Making in-game Gil is just like making money in real life: If you want that free company housing or that fifteen million Gil shirt, you have to be willing to put in effort WORK FOR IT.


Matthew Garman is an avid writer and role-player who enjoys video games and tabletop games alike. When he’s not absorbed in a digital fantasy, he’s creating his own. Twitter: @msgarman

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