Daredevil: I’ve Got Chills, They’re Elektra-fying

Daredevil is the Man Without a Stable love life! In his defense, there are maybe a handful of super-heroes who have functional relationships while the rest exist somewhere in limbo on the tragic love spectrum. Our dear Mr. Murdock is no exception.

The series is clearly leading him towards Karen Page for now, but even that came with a some turmoil just to get it vaguely moving in a direction. Remember this tension-ful moment?


But then, of course, there’s Elektra.

Even before the confirmation that we were going to see the scarlet clad assassin (and after we supposedly forgot about the dark ages Jennifer Garner film), we had an Easter Egg for her. Foggy dropped a fun reference to the “Smokin Greek Girl” that Matt dated in college which “didn’t work out”.

Elektra Alternate Title Pic

As far as the comics go, those college days were rough for our Elektra Natchios. She was the daughter of a diplomat; she and Matt ended up going on a suicide mission against terrorists to save her father from a hostage situation… only to have him shot by police who mistook him for a radical.

After the traumatic loss of her father, she ran away from Matt and from the world she knew. Once she landed herself in Japan, she found a sensei and trained rigorously in martial arts, developing her signature use of twin sai’s. Shortly following that, Elektra studied under Stick (remember him?) and his secret organization The Chaste; but Stick, being the being the elderly bag of warm fuzzies he is, asked her to leave. He said she was carrying too much weight and hatred over her father’s death.

Elektra Pic 3To prove to Stick that she deserved her spot amongst The Chaste, she infiltrated The Hand, a secret organization of assassins, to expose their activities. Come on though, does it ever go as planned in comics? Nope, never. The Hand tricked our heroine into killing her own sensei. The Hand kept her on a leash for a while, but she inevitably left Japan and moved to New York to become a bounty hunter/contract assassin. These activities naturally lead her to cross paths with one Matt Murdock, aka Dardevil. BAM! Cue old feelings and tension over her new line of work!

Elektra Pic 1

This may cause the “Shipping wars” to begin over “Dartra” (Daredevil/Elektra) vs. “Maren” (Matt/Karen). We have to assume we’re going to see Daredevil caught up in an old flame. Matt strongly disagrees with her new gig as a contract killer, but that wouldn’t necessarily stop her from picking up a steady job, say, as Kingpin’s #1 asssassin (as you could imagine, this wouldn’t sit so well with Bullseye).


At some point, Wilson Fisk orders her to kill Foggy, but she’s stopped in her tracks when he recognizes her as “Matt’s girl, Elektra”. Not long after, she gets in a showdown with Bullseye which ultimately ends with her death.That is where we think our tie in stands with Bullseye. Where Elektra, Daredevil, and Punisher show up, Bullseye is far too important to their time in Hell’s Kitchen to not show up.

Fear not, though: in the comics, she’s resurrected by a member of Sticks’ order named Stone through some mystic eastern magic. Apparently the process of her revitalization was started by The Hand. Who knows how much of this we will see, but it’s good to know.


Elektra Pic 2At her core, Elektra is a fighter and actually a decent person. She fought the corruption of The Hand for the entirety of her time with them, and she tries not to reveal herself to poor Matt until it’s absolutely necessary.

With Elektra having a confirmed spot in this season, things are going to get dramatic up in Hell’s Kitchen. We just have to hope that Matt Murdock is up to the challenge of a crazy love triangle!

Now to see if Elodie Yun can resurrect Elektra from the darkness of the dark ages of superhero movies!

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