Combat in Final Fantasy XV

Noctis-Final-Fantasy-XVThe world of Final Fantasy XV is a dangerous place, fraught with war and violence. Noctis and his friends will have a long and perilous road during their story, so it’s a good thing the combat looks so amazingly fun!

Final Fantasy XV has an action-oriented combat system that has generated quite a bit of excitement from the people who have been following the game’s development. It’s been referred to by quite a few people as more of a “Kingdom Hearts”-style combat rather than the more traditional semi turn-based combat people are used to with modern Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy XIII.

What has generated this excitement, you ask? Well, judging by the demo, the game boasts a reasonably simple yet deep combat system. The characters fight in real-time, with the context of the battle and the timing of your button presses determine the actions of your character, Noctis.

Noctis can equip different phantasmal weapons for each type of attack, varying up the abilities he can use. His AI-controlled companions act according to their own strategies, occasionally joining in for co-op attacks depending on proximity and context. In addition to the basic attack combos, techniques can be used depending on what is selected with D-pad presses.

The usual Summons can be found and utilized in the game, and supposedly their size is determined by how powerful they are – the bigger the better, of course. Some Summons will supposedly have a place in the story, others will need to be found and battled before you can use them in combat.

The game isn’t just about offense – Noctis can avoid or run from battles if you aren’t in the mood for (or can’t afford to get into) combat. Failing even that, Noctis and his companions slowly regenerate health and MP during combat. If you get overwhelmed, Noctis can jump out of combat, hiding behind obstacles or where he is positioned too high for the enemy to reach him, allowing you to regenerate MP and HP and get back into the fight. Of course, the usual assortment of potions and things are available as well.

It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without things like Limit Breaks or magic, and of course those can be found in the game as well. Noctis has his own special magic, and magical rings can be equipped to Noctis and the party. Magic is affected by the weather and can cause different in-battle conditions, such as causing monsters who are afraid of fire to flee.

Final Fantasy XV has a robust and simple combat system, and to me, at least, it’s one of the big draws that excites me for the title. With a system like this, there should never be a dull moment on Noctis and his friends’ journey.

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