DR #66: Bringing Back the X-Men?

Dear Reader, Marvel is apparently gearing up toward a big event and rebrand that’s going to bring the X-Men back to prominence in the comics continuity. The long attempt at making the Inhumans into ‘the new mutants except we still have all the film rights’ seems to be throwing in the towel. And it’s about time.[…]

DR #65: Aaand My DC Christmas Wish (Candle Ja-

Dear Reader, I suppose it would only be fair if I asked for something from DC as well. Young Justice? Well, we’re already getting Young Justice back. That’s something I genuinely didn’t think would ever happen. While “something I didn’t think I’d ever get” isn’t quite “something I didn’t realize I wanted” on the Christmas[…]

DR #63: It’s October. Let’s Talk About Werewolves.

Dear Reader, Last time I was a bit harsh to the Walking Dead. Don’t expect an apology for that. I did what needed to be done, because somebody has to take a stand against the overuse of zombies. When it’s possible to say the sentence “This movie is only the third-best comedic parody version of zombie[…]

DR #61: The One Area Where DC Dominates Marvel

Dear Reader, It’s the internet’s favorite month, Halloween, though some archaeologists argue that there is evidence for this month once having been called October. So I hope you want a whole month of this because that is what we are all getting.  I’ve been waiting for this month for a while, Reader, because it finally[…]