DR# 77: Self-Loathing and the Heart of Geekdom

Dear Reader, Ok, you know Woden? From The Wicked and The Divine? You all went out and read it after seeing me talk about it, right? Well, he’s gonna be our rhetorical starting point. Spoiler warning. Also uncharacteristically serious tone warning. I couldn’t find a picture of any superhero or villain who went by ‘uncharacteristically[…]

DR# 76: Ideas for A New Take on Green Lantern

Dear Reader, Man, that recent Justice League photo looks pretty neat, right? Dynamic and exciting, and not like a police lineup at all. But there’s one notable absence. No, not Superman—he’s absent cause he’s currently dead (though obviously he’s going to be alive again by the end of the movie). No, I’m talking about somebody[…]

DR #73: My New Years Resolutions for DC Comics

Dear Reader,

The list of resolutions for DC is both longer and simpler than the one for Marvel.  DC, in my opinion, has more problems going on right now than Marvel does, but unlike with Marvel, I think all those problems are coming from the same place.