A Spoiler-Free Review of Star Trek Beyond

Admittedly, I entered the theater with low expectations. J.J. Abrams was too busy with Star Wars to inject his particular brand of charm into Star Trek Beyond, and especially with a winner like Star Trek Into Darkness in the past, how could it be anything other than a disappointment? Do any movies without Benedict Cumberbatch even work anymore? […]

Kickstarter for Sci-Fi Anthology Ends Thursday

You know what our world needs? More future worlds!

Future House Publishing is back, and they’ve got a brand new sci-fi anthology coming out. Six of their sci-fi authors have written stories set in the worlds of their best-selling books! You’ve seen us post about some of these authors before; now you can be a part of their world-building efforts! Donate to the Kickstarter for the printing of this special project before 9 am on Thursday.