2016: A New Year for Geeking Out

As this first real week of the new year is now finally behind us, and we all find ourselves thoroughly and firmly a part of it (come what may!), I can’t help but be excited for all the wonderful things just over the horizon now that everyone is leaving a 6 at the end of their 201’s (when muscle memory doesn’t kick in).

GeekFactor is looking forward to all of the movies, games, and cons happening this year. 2016 is going to be a great year for nerds, and you can expect to find all of the important updates right here!


I myself will still be covering Destiny and all its ditherings, although it seems we are in for a slower schedule of super sweet stuff—at least until after summer, when we’re (supposedly!) scheduled to see the sequel. Don’t fret, friends, the introduction of the Eververse was a decidedly awesome thing; what it means for you and I is less Taken King type content, but more comprehensive content.


Destiny or no Destiny, I intend to cover underappreciated video-game titles every week of 2016. I like Indie games! If you’ll share a little time with me, I’ll share with you lovely folks an entire variety of oft overlooked or otherwise (for whatever reason) unpopular games. Expect some favorites too, of course, but my intent is to inform of the inspiring—the games with heart that give a little something back when you decide to invest your interest.

Beyond the blogging, there will be con coverage, virtual reality dungeons, games, gear, and video discussions on all things nerdy. Basically we’ll be geeking out all year, and you’re invited to the perpetual party at GeekFactor! Keep an eye out for our clips, coverage, and conversations to keep you company this year! I know I’m looking forward to it!

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