Anime Fall 2015 Season Preview – Part 5

Happy Friday Anime Fans!!

Bruce here with our fifth installment of GeekFactor’s Fall 2015 Anime preview; we’re finally close the end!! There are two more posts left to go (it’s a grand total of 64 shows this season)! It couldn’t be a better time to get into anime or find something new to watch! In case you missed the first four parts, you can find them here: one, two, three, and four[…]

Anime Fall 2015 Season Preview – Part 6

We’ve finally reached the the end!!

Six posts and a total of 64 shows–we’ve got an uphill battle now, my fellow anime fans. From here the GeekFactor team will narrow down our list of shows to watch, and don’t forget TELL US WHAT YOU WANT REVIEWED! We’re doing this for you! Comment below with your preferences.

If you missed our other parts check them out here for part one, two, three, four, and five.